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Pollen Surf Cap

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Colour: slate blue
  • Low profile five panel
  • Colour: Black
  • Mid weight
  • 100% cotton
  • Adjustable plastic fastener, metal side eyelets

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Fabric Care Guide

Care Instructions

To keep your garments in good condition it is best to wash your clothes as little as possible. Washing your clothes too often can affect the quality. An alternative to washing your garments after each use is to hang your garment on a hanger and allow to air.  This will most likely allow your clothes to be good for another wear.  If you have a stain, try to spot clean immediately which will most likely eliminate washing in the machine.

Eco-Friendly products should be used

When washing the garments try to use eco-friendly products to help protect the environment from harsh chemicals and toxins, avoid bleach and softeners.

Washing Instructions

Care labels are inside your garments to provide a guide to wash your clothing – washing at low temperatures (max. 30°C) or cold is advisable.   Make sure to always have a full load when washing to avoid wasting water and energy.  Avoid overfilling the machine as heavy loads can cause friction and you can end up with poorly washed or warn garments.   Always remember to sort your clothes according to their care requirements do not wash light colours with dark colours.   Whilst being aware that different fabrics require additional care.

Drying Garments

It is advisable to dry your garments naturally which is beneficial for the environment – do not use a dryer.  Once the wash cycle has completed remove damp clothes from the washing machine to avoid wrinkles, mould and mildew, which can occur if left for a period of time.   Shake the garments out carefully, gently ensuring they are in shape then hang the garments on either a drying rack or on a hanger. 

Stain Guide

It is beneficial to your garment to always treat stains immediately, the sooner, the better.  If stains are left on natural materials such as cotton, linen, and wool which tend to be very absorbent, the longer the stain is left untreated the harder it will be to remove.  Always read up on the best way to treat a particular stain on your garment and the type of fabric. 

There are a few things to keep in mind for both fresh and set stains:

→ Water temperature.   Check on the type of stain if it is advisable to use hot or warm water as it is not always the best solution, as hot or warm water can set some stains making them even harder to remove.   It is recommended to use hot or warm water on fatty stains only.  Other stains for example: coffee, blood, chocolate, ketchup, grass, fruit, berries, and red wine should be rinsed with cold water.

→ Use gentle detergents. If water does not remove the stain, add some eco-friendly laundry detergent, avoid rubbing fabrics instead gently dab using a clean cloth.

→ Harsh stain removers or bleach should be avoided, these products can damage the surface of the garment.  When treating stains with water and detergent is not enough, try repeating the process.   When a stain is severe, or you are unsure on how to remove the stain it is a good idea to take the garment to a cleaner for to remove to avoid damaging the fabric.

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